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In this area, we handle all kinds of technical projects, study and research if its development is possible and we take care of it for you. Here is a brief list of all the projects that we are developing:


> Industrial Projects

> Environmental projects


·Projects for collection of municipal solid waste (M.S.W.)

·Projects for street cleaning

·Projects transfer stations

·Projects landfill

  • High voltage lines

·Low voltage lines

·Transformer (TC)

Business licenses

Opening or activity licenses are mandatory municipal licenses granted to the owner of a business so that it can exercise its business. In Loden Engineers, our consultants are experts when advising what type of license you need and are accredited to perform this type of project reports and technical professionals.

Energetic certification

Buildings Energy Certification is a requirement under the Directive 2002/91 / EC as regards to energy certification, this Directive and Directive 2010/31 / EU of 19 May on the energy efficiency of buildings, partially transposes into Spanish law by Royal Decree 235/2013 of 5 April, approving the basic procedure for the certification of energy efficiency of buildings, both newly built and existing approved.


In this certificate, and through energy efficiency label, each building is assigned an energy efficiency class, which will vary from class A, for more energy efficient, to class G for the least efficient.

Certificates and reports

Development of all types of certificates and reports for submission to any Agency.


Preparation of expert reports for all types of organizations.


We have specific training for all types of claims.

Security (studies, plans and security coordination)

The health and safety plan is a document in which the contractor identifies, plans, organizes and controls the activities to be performed from the preventive point of view, work procedures to apply as well as the risks arising from the activities undertaken and preventive measures to adopt in each case for the elimination or control of such measures. It is, therefore, the document that allows entrepreneurs involved in a work (contractors and subcontractors), the management of all of its actions in the work, in which together with the productive aspects, the preventive aspects are integrated.

Technical Building Inspection (BTI)

The Building Technical Inspection or BTI, is a mandatory technical check that must be performed periodically in buildings in order to check items that affect the safety of the building. We are excellent professionals in this field and we handle everything from the beginning. If you have questions about whether or not your building meets the requirements do not hesitate for an instant on calling us with no further commitment.

Technical consultancy

We offer consulting solutions for our customers basically aimed at improving business management.