We give private lessons in Albacete for different subjects of any engineering degree.

· Private lessons for engineers in Albacete.

· Private lessons in technical thermodynamics in Albacete.

· Private lessons of fluid mechanics in Albacete.

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We provide different courses:
Sepecam courses in Albacete
· Tripartite Foundation courses in Albacete

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Professional Training

We teach for entrance exams to professional training higher grades in math and physics. Also for different subjects in relation  with electromechanical maintenance of vehicles.

· Private lessons for vehicle mechanics in Albacete.

· Private lessons electricity vehicle in Albacete.

·Private lessons for entrance exams to professional training in albacete.



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High School

We teach the subjects of mathematics and physics in the level of high school.
· Private lessons for high school mathematics in Albacete.
· Private lessons for high school physics in Albacete.

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